Our hospital is always at your service 24 hours-seven days of the week. For any Emergency Admission please contact 24 hours help desk 0522-6780001 or 6780002. For any enquiry /registration please contact 0522 6782159(from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00p.m.)
Mission: The Mission of Sahara Hospital is to provide quality healthcare with compassion and efficiency to apply and share new technology.
To promote and environment in the hospital that facilitates protection of patient’s rights and commitment towards patient care
To include preventive healthcare practices in addition to the treatment applications without discriminations of religion. Language, race and gender
Vision: To set benchmarks of excellence in advanced, hi tech multi-disciplinary medical services in Asia, offering high quality healthcare and tertiary care facilities.
Quality Policy: Sahara Hospital is committed to deliver high quality patient care through applications of latest technology coupled with medical excellence, ensuring safety of treatment during patient's stay, promoting an environment of continuous quality improvement and complying with statutory regulations.

Unique Features

FULL FLEDGED TRAUMA CARE CENTRE: Prompt & integrated management of Polytrauma & acute strokes with the availability of Neurosurgery , Neuromedicine, Orthopedic surgery, Plastic & &reconstructive surgery, cardiothoracic surgery , clinical & invasive Cardiology, vascular surgery, urology ,ENT surgery ,Gastro surgery, Eye Surgery , endocrine surgery supported by round the clock services of world class blood bank & diagnostics . The most modern delivery system – “Pneumatic Tube” to achieve efficient & safe transportation of drugs, pathological samples. First of its kind in India. Cardiac Cath Lab Alluraxperfd10 ceiling suspended-flat panel equipped with latest generation dynamic flat detector.

1.5 Tesla Ultra fast 16 channel

Ultra fast 64 slice Cardiac CT

Portable C T SCANS First time in Northern region

E Medicine

Sahara Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art IT Automation systems, which includes facility to remotely monitor patients in Critical Care area of the hospital from home or anywhere in the world by simply forwarding a request for the authorization of this unique service. The patient’s relative can also view and speak to his patient in the counseling room at the Hospital without compromising the hygiene and sterility of Critical Care areas through High Resolution IP Cameras.

The entire security and surveillance unit of the hospital is designed and based on IT patterns. Whereby, warnings and alerts pertaining to fire break-outs etc. can be sent to each nook and corner of the hospital by means of a single mobile phone. For ensuring the highest level of security in the mother and child ward, ‘event based recording cameras’ are installed to track any sort of activity, particularly, the movement of persons in the ward.

As a part of its social responsibility measure and in order to prevent ‘Global Warming’, the hospital is designed to be a ‘soft document paperless working place’ with an installation of machines and equipments which will do away with the requirement of papers.

TRAUMA CARE centre of Sahara hospital is equipped with a network of hi-tech critical care ambulances that has been established with the motto of motto “24 hours – No matter what”. This ensure availability of best medical care without any wastage of time by providing medical attention right through the transportation of the victims of Poly Trauma, Stroke, Cardiac a emergencies and other alarming situations Prompt and proper treatment by trained expert at a well equipped place can cure most patients conversely a delay of even a few hours could mean the loss of valuable life.


Diagnostics (Complete range of latest generation equipments)

SPECIAL DIAGNOSTICS and List of Equipments installed in Sahara Hospital
Comprehensive ranges of latest generation equipment include:-

Digital X-Ray

  • Ultrasound( including 4 D Ultrasound)
  • Doppler Studies
  • Cardiac CT scan
  • Echocardiography
  • Functional MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Digital Dental Radiology Including OPG (orthopentography)
  • Cardiac Catheterisation Lab
  • Mammography


  • Allura Xper Fd10 Ceiling Suspended-Flat Pannel
  • Equipped With Latest Generation Dynamic Flat Detector
  • 1.5 T Echospeed Hdx 16 Channel Mri Scanner
  • Cardiac Ct (With Maximum Safety)
  • Noninvasive Tool For Screening Of Status Of The Heart

Treatment Facilities

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